14 Aug, 2010

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 - What how about the spam, eggs, sausage and spam? That hasn't got
   much spam in it?
 - Eeeeehhhhh...
 - What do you mean, "eeeeeeh.."
 - I don't like Spam!!

 (in the background, "Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam")

 - SHUT UP!!! Bloody Vikings!

This page is currently in a state of flux.. well, the scripts listed (or not) below are. When my old server bit the dust, the scripts got moved, but some of the backend mechanisms are different and I simply haven't updated them yet to show the old scripts in this new server world.

To read my continued ranting about this growing problem, click here.

Tools I use to combat Spam:

  • Sendmail.Org's Sendmail MTA (tried and true)
  • Roaring Penguin's MIMEdefang MILTER for Sendmail
  • SpamAssassin, as a plug-in to MIMEdefang for rating the SPAM
  • SpamAssassin Rules Emporium, a site for nothing but SA Rules.
  • Other interesting Spam Related Links:

  • Spam Legislation for the State of IL (State where this server resides).
  • 2003 Federal CAN-Spam Legislation (Country where this server resides).
  •, a free registrar for ISP's that haven Spammers has a lot of really good information on stuff the public needs to know. Some of which I'll be regurgitating here.
  •'s fun link on Classifying SPAM Delivery Methods
  • How to Combat Spam for people who insist on using OutLook
  • Paul Graham's view on/definition of Spam (good read)
  • Sue A
  • Some people have asked me about keyword filtering (blocking email based on words in the body of the message) and my response is typically that filtering of email based on words used in a context you didn't expect will occur and make your users very angry. However, an example that made me chuckle from the MIMEdefang users list compells me to post it:

    > Can I bounce be looking at keywords in the body without using spamassassin?
    Can you? Yes.
    Should you?  Probably not.
    Blocking mail by keyword is considerably more likely to cause false positives
    than score-based filters.  Some examples:
    State of Virginia.
    Breast cancer study.
    The city of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.
    News about assassinations.
    Jokes or news about certain highly-advertised drugs.
    Free software.
    A sextet.  (Or sextuplets, or cities like Middlesex, Essex, Wessex, etc.)
    John Hancock
    You can probably think of more examples.
    Plus, of course, $P@/\/\/\/\ERZ can just D|5GUl$3 orr miiispel there wurdz 2
    @V0|D the keyword filter.  By the time you put together a sufficiently long
    list of variations you may as well be using something more elaborate.
    Kelson Vibber 
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