20 Jul, 2012

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For Starters:

Who is Ben, anyway? What does he do? What are the things he thinks about?

Well, I'm Ben. I'm an Electronics Engineer by trade. I've worked in the Audio, Computer, Telecommunications and Cable-TV industries doing everything from climbing telephone poles (fun!) to bench level technical work to product design and project management.

The Web Site:

It's currently running CentOS 6.x x86_64 w/Apache webserver on a home built 1.66GHz Intel Atom D510 system w/3Gb of RAM and a software RAID1 via dual 160Gb Disks.

From 2004 to 2012 it ran Fedora Core 7 with Apache Web Server on a Compaq Proliant 1850R with dual Pentium 3 - 600MHz CPU's and 1GB RAM using redundant supplies and a RAID 1 array with a hot-spare via one of Compaq's fabulous RAID SCSI Controllers.

From 1999 to 2004, it ran IBM AIX Unix (v4.3.2) on a home brew box put I put together using a Motorola Atlas604-133 motherboard. It has a PowerPC 604-133 w/128MB FPRAM and mirrored 9GB drives in a black 4U RackMount Chassis. I shall miss that system. :)

The website is mostly scripted using TCL, so even the normal web pages are 'wrapped' by a TCL front-end processor. The Library and the Photo Album pages are all TCL back-ended..

Other specs on the server include:

  • SMTP service is provided by Sendmail.
  • SMTP traffic filtering is provided by MIMEdefang and SPAM-Assassin.
  • User Mail services are provided by UW IMAP/POP.

  • The Job(s):

    At the moment I've been doing various engineering projects for the University of Illinois as well as my clients around the country. Projects have included a GPS enabled wildlife audio monitoring transmitter, tracking radar maintenance as well as a new radar refurbishment project coming up.

    Want more info? Feel free to see my consulting section...

    The Miscellany:

    Ok, so much for work... what do I like to do in my spare time?

    Well, I like to work on my electronics projects at home (see the projects page). I also like to be outdoors when weather permits. Considering that I like winter and enjoy the outdoor activities it has to offer, I'm pretty much up for fun in any type of weather.

    So what does that include? Flying, rollerblading, volleyball (although I haven't played in a while..) Skiing (which is going to be tough now that I live in Flatland Central), hanging out with my buds and so on... you get the idea... I'm flexible.

    I also occasionally have time for original Arcade Coin-Op Video Games. Although I only own 4 cabinets (Dedicated & Originals: Defender, Tempest, Rampage [Thanks Joe!] and a Generic Dynamo Cabinet which I refurb'd for various games), I help others fix their games when I can.

    Ok, that's all I'm going to write for now...

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